Space/Gate Ranger

PervasID’s ultra-high-frequency RFID readers are based on patented award-winning passive RFID reader technology. The EPC Gen2-compliant design detects passive tags over unprecedented range with extreme accuracy within a distributed antenna system (DAS).

With the development of ‘DAS Passive RFID technology’:

  • Highly accurate read rates can be achieved over a wide area, in a short time, with passive UHF Tags
  • An ‘RFID Hands Free’ solution is cost effective for a wide variety of applications
  • Highly accurate hands free operation and portals are possible in dense tag environments
  • Active RFID systems can in some cases be replaced with much lower cost passive RFID solutions.
Space Ranger 9100™ System
  • Pervasid Space RangerNext generation Wide-Area Passive RFID System
  • Outstanding >99% detection, areas up to 4500 square feet (400 sqm), with significant further scale-up possible – infinite expansion
  • Far greater coverage area than first generation systems
  • Number of readers / cells much fewer than competitor systems
  • Sensitive passive system capable of replacing even active systems at much lower cost and complexity

    Discreet ceiling mounted sensors provide wide area coverage

  • Installation cost reduced using Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The Space Ranger 9100™ reader provides a step change improvement in reader efficiency and accuracy. This new generation RFID system is a low-cost passive system that improves RFID detection accuracy to >99%, provides coverage of over 400 sqm and is capable of scaling to a large building – over 40,000 sq. ft (4,000 sqm) demonstrated to date.

The Space Ranger 9100™ system includes a centralised RFID DAS reader unit, feeding eight RFID patch circular polarised antennas over co-axial cables and a software platform. The antennas are distributed over the interrogation area.

An Ethernet interface allows tag information to be uploaded to a PC or centralised server for processing, analysis and display, delivering real time intelligence right where it’s needed.

Gate Ranger 9100™ system

The Gate Ranger 9100™ RFID tag reader is a portal solution – installed wherever you need accurate detection of tag movement in strategic locations, such as entrances and exits and loading areas.

Equipped with purpose designed algorithms and configurations, this highly accurate tracking system reports its data in real time, and even tracks direction.

Example application:

A major blue-chip high street brand has installed PervasID readers in a ~4,000 sqm retail store with about 100,000 tagged items. The system covers intake, storage, sales and fitting room areas over two floors.

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