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What we do

PervasID provides unique, passive RFID solutions with unrivalled detection capability and enables sophisticated IoT infrastructures.

Why are we different?

Passive RFID solutions have historically been hindered by lower detection rates, slow acquisition speed and limited area coverage caused mainly by short readability ranges and null spots.
Our award winning technology achieves >99% tag detection in densely populated tag environments, even with moving tags, providing a highly cost effective solution in many sector applications.
No other passive RFID solution on the market today can offer such accuracy, speed or cost effectiveness.

Our international partners provide specialist expertise and system integration to clients across the globe. 

Our Clients

"This is not just another overhead reader. This is arguably the best and the only one up to the challenge facing modern retailing” 

Our Business in Numbers

Million Tags Checked
Data Throughput (Gbps)
ROI Days

% Accuracy
versus industry norms of 70 to 80%

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