Real-time passive RAIN RFID technology that helps boost profits by streamlining processes, preventing losses and improving the customer experience

In the competitive retail world, effective stock management can mean the difference between your customers making a purchase or leaving the store empty-handed. Thanks to the digitization of shopping and a shift in consumer behaviour patterns, today’s customers have shorter attention spans and expect products and associated stock information to be immediately available.

Smart RFID solution for modern retailers

Our cutting-edge passive RAIN RFID reader technology give retailers the ability to ensure best-selling items are always on the shelves so they can enhance customer satisfaction and maximise sales, whilst streamlining inventory and minimising shrinkage.  We have partnerships with leading retail technology solution providers and we’re able to deliver highly configurable multi-functional systems that offer almost 100% accuracy.

Key Benefits

  • Increased turnover– thanks to higher stock availability instore and for click & collect  
  • Real-time inventory- to avoid stock-outs and overstocking
  • Hands free-  removes the need for manual stock taking
  • Faster item tracking– merchandise pinpointed to its exact location in real time  
  • Less shrinkage- through the ability to better analyse lost or stolen items

Retail case study

Read our case study to find out how an iconic UK brand has seen an increase in sales and satisfaction levels, whilst been able to free up staff to spend more time with customers.

Download full case study

System overview


Our passive reader systems deliver accurate inventory visibility both online and instore. Physical stores can ensure their shelves are always well stocked with popular items while online retailers have immediate access to the latest stock information for click and collect or click and reserve services.

Improved shopping experience

Sales assistants with access to real-time stock locations can quickly track down different items, enabling them to spend more time helping customers and driving sales as a result. Online orders can be located easily within the store, facilitating seamless click and collect processes and superior customer service experiences.

Boost productivity

In many retail environments, staff are required to count stock manually or use hand-held RFID devices to check inventory levels and incoming orders. Our handsfree tracking system saves valuable time by removing the need for manual checking or counting, freeing up staff to engage with customers.

Additionally, by flagging up the exact whereabouts of popular items in real time so they can be quickly found and displayed in prominent positions, the system supports display compliance, a factor directly linked to sales performance.

Streamline processes

Manual stock management processes are not only time-consuming, they are prone to human error and unable to deliver key data in real time. By automating the inventory checking process, our passive RFID systems eliminate manual errors and deliver accurate inventory levels. Retail assistants can therefore be instantly alerted when items are running out/low and place re-orders accordingly to avoid stock-outs. Access to more accurate inventory data also allows retailers to reduce overall stock holding as the need for buffer stock is eliminated.

Prevent stock shrinkages and theft

The average retailer loses around 1.5% of their overall stock through shoplifting, internal theft or processing errors such as undetected delivery shortages. Our smart exit security solution detects when items which haven’t passed through the checkouts leave the store, without needing additional security tags. Shrinkage can be addressed more effectively as the system highlights any suspicious item movements as they occur. Knowing when, where and which items went missing simplifies CCTV reviewing and enables retailers to implement appropriate procedures to minimise future losses.

Accurate data for business intelligence

The accurate inventory data delivered by our retail solutions, offers powerful insights into consumer purchasing trends, and retailers are able to adapt their products and store layouts in line. Best sellers can be placed in prime positions and items often purchased together can be co-located for upselling purposes. Accurate info also unlocks possibilities for interactive technologies such as lift and learn, touchscreen browsing downloadable coupons to increase overall sales and profit margins.


PervasID systems outperform other passive solutions and provide highly cost effective, scalable and easy to install solutions

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