Real-time passive RFID technology that boosts profits by streamlining processes, preventing losses and improving customer experiences

In a competitive retail environment, efficient stock management can make the difference between a sale and the customer leaving empty-handed.

PervasID readers provide the intelligence to increase product availability, improve shopper satisfaction and maximise sales, whilst reducing inventory and minimising shrinkage. We partner with retail technology solution providers to deliver highly configurable multi-functional RFID readers systems which deliver near 100% accuracy.

Key Benefits

  • Drives sales by ensuring stock is available in-store and for click & collect  
  • Accurate real-time stock information helps avoid stock-outs and overstocking
  • Automatic tracking eliminates need for manual stock taking
  • Reduces time to locate products staff are free to improve the customer experience  
  • Powerful insights into customer journeys for strategic decision-making  
  • Reduces shrinkage through external and internal theft, and processing errors  

Retail case study

Thanks to PervasID technology, a major UK clothing-retailer has seen an increase in customer satisfaction and sales, whilst reducing the amount of unsold stock at the end of each season.

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Retail Solutions Overview

Improving the customer experience

Thanks to modern online shopping practices, customers have come to expect goods and information about them to be available instantly.

PervasID’s reader systems deliver accurate inventory visibility, enabling retailers to ensure high on-shelf availability. Omni-channel retailers also benefit from up-to-date stock information for ‘click and collect’ services.

Retail assistants with access to real-time stock locations can find items more quickly, so that more time can be spent to improve the customer experience. In addition, customer orders can be located easily within the shop to enable more convenient pick up for superior customer service.

Increasing operational efficiency

In retail environments, staff often manually count stock or use hand-held RFID readers to check inventory levels and incoming orders.

PervasID’s automatic tracking saves time by eliminating manual scanning or counting to free up staff so they can spend more time with customers. By flagging up if essential display items are not in specified key locations on the shop floor, the system supports display compliance, a factor directly linked to sales performance.

Improved inventory management

Manual stock management methods can not only be time consuming but are often error prone, and fail to deliver real-time data.

By automating the process of inventory checking, PervasID systems eliminate manual errors and deliver accurate inventory levels. This means that retail assistants can be alerted automatically when items run out on the shop floor. At the same time, stock can be re-ordered as soon as it runs low to avoid stock-outs. More accurate inventory data also enables retailers to reduce overall stock holding as the need for buffer stock is eliminated.

Loss prevention

Retailers experience an average of 1.5% of loss of stock, made up of losses through shoplifting, staff theft and processing errors, such as undetected delivery shortages.

PervasID’s smart exit security solution detects when items which haven’t gone through the till leave the shop without the need for additional security tags. Shrinkage can be addressed more effectively as the system can highlight any suspicious movement of goods as they occur.

Knowing when, where and which items went missing, simplifies reviewing relevant CCTV footage and putting strategies in place to minimise future losses.

Data for business intelligence

The accurate inventory data provided by PervasID’s retail solutions, offers powerful insights into buying behaviours, enabling retailers to adapt their products and store layout to the needs of the customer.

This means, for example, that popular items can be placed in prime positions and items often purchased together can be co-located to further enhance sales. This also unlocks new possibilities for interactive technologies which suggest companion items and alternatives based on shopper intelligence.

PervasID systems outperform other passive solutions and provide highly cost effective, scalable and easy to install solutions

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