RFID boosts retailer profit while driving customer satisfaction and loyalty

PervasID real-time passive RFID with near 100% accuracy provides the intelligence to increase shopper satisfaction, increase sales, increase product availability, reduce inventory and shrinkage.

In a competitive retail environment, efficient stock management can mean the difference between a sale and the customer leaving empty handed. Click and mortar retailers competing with pure online alternatives have the advantage that the products can be touched and tried on, as well as picked up in the store. This is possible only if there is highly accurate inventory visibility on the availability and location of the products in the store. Impulse buying can also boost retail volumes significantly.

A network of antennas, located discreetly at intervals across the shop floor and stockroom, is capable of monitoring entire inventories continuously. At the click of a button, retailers can see the quantity and exact location of stock they have throughout the shop floor.

A single Space Ranger 9100™ RFID reader can monitor spaces up to 4000 sq. ft. (400 m2). Our unique technology gives retailers the ability to give answer customer queries at the click of a button, making the shopping experience more enjoyable.

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retail space tagged with passive rfid

Our retail RFID system also provides powerful insight into buying behaviours, enabling retailers to adapt their products and store layout to the needs of the customer, increasing the chances of sales. The system maintains records of stock levels, alerts shop assistants to popular items that are selling fast and gives information about other shops that have the item available. The data collected by the system can also help to aid retailers in improving the shopping experience for customers. Items that are often tried on but seldom bought can be identified, and decisions taken quickly.

It even unlocks new possibilities for retailers by offering opportunities for up-selling – suggesting companion items and alternatives based on shopper intelligence.

The flow of goods around the floor can be mapped – ideal for marketing as well as reducing stock loss. Shrinkage can be addressed more effectively and suspicious movement of goods spotted immediately. Laborious and error-prone manual stock taking is replaced by real time product intelligence.

Traditional systems also represent a barrier to new shopping habits. ‘Click and Collect’ is used by 72% of shoppers‡, yet is limited by waiting times whilst staff look for their parcel. PervasID’s technology can identify a single parcel immediately within the shop, effecting more convenient pick up for superior customer service.

RFID is the key enabler to Omnichannel retailing. This key benefit allows nearly real time inventory visibility and exact locationing, not possible without RFID or even with a RFID hand held solution.


  • Drives sales by ensuring stock is where it should be and made available to purchase both instore and for click & collect  
  • Gives shop staff powerful insight into sales patterns and customer journeys through the store
  • Reduces instore costs by reducing the time to locate and pick products.
  • Improves customer service and the shopping experience  
  • Reduces shrinkage and costs of manual stock taking  
PervasID systems outperform other passive solutions and provide highly cost effective, scalable and easy to install solutions

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