Real-time passive RAIN RFID solutions that enable manufacturing firms to increase operational efficiency, improve asset utilisation and avoid costly disruptions to production processes

In a climate of growing competition and shrinking margins, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to adopt lean manufacturing techniques and keeping track of moveable items such as tools, test equipment or essential spare parts can be a challenge.

Smart solution for smart manufacturing

Our real-time tracking systems provide near 100% accurate visibility of all inventory, assets and equipment to help businesses streamline operations in particular for just-in-time manufacturing. We partner with specialised solution providers to deliver systems to help you ensure all critical equipment, material and parts are in place for production.

Key Benefits

  • Improves efficiency– automates item tracking processes
  • Reduces bottlenecks- essential parts  and tools are always available
  • Hands free- No manual checking needed
  • Faster inventory location– less time needed to track down essential items  
  • Full audit trail– for traceability and accountability  
  • No overstocking- accurate inventory data delivered in real time  

Automated asset tracking

Our cutting edge RFID technology provides a cost-effective way to automatically track assets such as tools, parts and other equipment used throughout the manufacturing processs. It improves efficiency by enabling staff to locate key items quickly. It also fosters accountability and reduces the number of lost or stolen items by assigning assets to specific individuals, departments or contractors.

Accurate tracking of hard-to-read items

Whilst conventional passive RFID solutions often struggle with accurate tracking of metal items, our wide-area and portal readers are proven to delivery consistently high read rates for tracking tools and other metal objects.

Intelligent inventory management

Our RAIN RFID reader technology supports intelligent inventory management solutions by providing accurate visibility and tracking of essential components, WIP and finished goods stock levels and locations in near real-time.  It allows workers to find the what they need quickly and removes the need for time-consuming manual inventory checking. Pervas ID readers are proven to deliver consistently high read rates even when trying to detect many individual items at the same time.

Accurate information for informed decision making

Thanks to the accurate inventory information delivered by the system, stock reordering can be triggered automatically to avoid running out of critical items, which could cause costly delays to production. In addition, overall stock holding can be reduced as the need for “just-in-case items” is reduced.


PervasID systems outperform other passive solutions and provide highly cost effective, scalable and easy to install solutions

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