Real-time passive RFID solutions enable healthcare professionals to increase efficiency, cut costs and improve patient care

With increasing numbers of patients, shrinking budgets and growing treatment complexity, delivering healthcare has never been so challenging. Real-time visibility of the location of assets and inventory can considerably improve efficiency in hospital environments and ensure the required equipment or material is available in the right place at the right time.

PervasID partners with specialised healthcare solutions providers to deliver systems which far outperform other passive reader solutions in achieving high read rates. By being able to track low-cost passive RFID tags in real-time instead of using higher priced active RFID tags, we provide cost effective solutions which are scalable and easy to install. Our solutions can help add further value to NHS Trusts on their journey to GS1 compliance.


Healthcare Solutions Overview

Asset tracking

Managing tens of thousands of medical devices and other assets in healthcare settings can be a real challenge.

PervasID’s wide-area readers are used in hospital environments to track medical equipment, such as pumps, monitors, beds and wheelchairs as well as IT equipment. Providing real-time visibility of the location of medical devices can reduce the time spent by staff searching for equipment. It further reduces the need for capital investment as availability and utilisation levels of existing devices are increased. With asset records updated automatically, there is no need for time-consuming manual scanning.

Traditional passive RFID gateway solutions often carry the risk of tags not being read while passing through a doorway. PervasID wide-area readers provide a significant improvement in accuracy, as they use a number of antennas to scan an area, such as a medical equipment library, engineering workshop, theatre or ward, from different angles to detect which equipment is in the area 100% of the time.

Inventory management

PervasID’s RFID reader technology supports intelligent medical inventory management solutions by providing accurate visibility of supply levels such as in pharmacies and theatre supply areas in real time to avoid stock-outs, reduce waste and minimise overstocking. Delivering consistently high read rates even where medical supplies are densely packed, the system can monitor stock tagged with passive RFID labels across multiple locations to enable rapid replenishment and efficient cost control.

It replaces manual methods for inventory management which are labour-intensive and often error prone. Data obtained through tracking provides an audit trail for cost and operational analysis and planning.

Medical record tracking

Patient records are constantly on the move, and not being able to locate the right record at the right time often leads to delays in patient treatment and wasted time for clinical staff.

PervasID solutions can improve the efficiency of a medical records department and reduce time wasted searching for patient files. By tracking the location of patient records tagged with passive RFID tags through strategically placed readers,

PervasID provides a cost-effective way to manage large numbers of patient records even across multiple sites. Our solutions help locate health records quickly, saving time and avoiding delays.

PervasID systems outperform other passive solutions and provide highly cost effective, scalable and easy to install solutions

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