2016: Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds led a major investment round for PervasID which was announced in October 2016.

2015: A major high-street brand installed PervasID Readers in a 40,000 sq. ft. (approx. 4,000 m2 ) retail store with approx. 100,000 tagged items. The system covered intake, storage, sales and fitting room areas over two floors.

2015: Secured major grant funding from Innovate UK & RAEng

2015 – 2016: Network of global partners established.

2013: First commercial sales. Successful trials completed in other sectors.

2013: CE and FCC approvals for EMC and Safety completed

2011: PervasID, a spin-out company from the University of Cambridge, was founded to commercialise the technology.

2011: The Royal Academy of Engineering ERA Foundation Entrepreneurs Award 2011.

2011: The innovation was recognised through the UK ICT Pioneers of Connected World 2011

2010: Patents were filed covering wide area tag detection and precise location of RFID tags and granted in US and China (accepted in EU).

2007: Fundamental research carried out to address the challenges involved with item tracking using radio frequency automated object identification (RFID) and localisation in the Cambridge University Engineering Department as part of TINA (The INtelligent Airport) project.










PervasID systems outperform other passive solutions and provide highly cost effective, scalable and easy to install solutions

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